1 for 1: Happy to announce that with every Nyaara quilt sold, we will donate one quilt to someone in need

The art of Hand Block Prints

                                                    THE PROCESS


Great skill and craftsmanship is required to create the magnificent designs with a wooden block. The blocks are made of Rosewood, Mangowood or Teakwood. First the design is sketched on paper and then the carver lovingly with a delicate touch, traces designs on the wooden blocks with a black pencil and then finally using hammer and chisel the design is very artfully punched onto the block. The number of  blocks used in a print depends on the number of colors. It is the job of the master carver to make sure that every block fits into the other block!


The printing table is pinned with several layers of fabric to create a soft cushion like effect, for better dyeing and even distribution of colors. These printing layers are washed several times between printing session.


The master printer prepares the color for printing. The prepared color is poured onto wooden trays, which has a mesh screen and several linen layers to avoid the formation of lumps, while the blocks are repeatedly dipped into it.


This process takes great skill and time and craftsmanship, as the design is stamped repeatedly onto the fabric, color by color, one block at a time. This process is just awe-inspiring as you see block by block your design take shape. The slight human imperfections are just perfect, creating a unique and timeless beauty!

Every single piece at NYAARA begins with a personal touch from the Block Printer.